Marcelo Cantu

At the young age of 27, Marcelo Cantu has garnered the reputation as one of the most creative photographers of his generation. Since the age of 12, he has worked to refine and develop an in depth knowledge of digital photography. Ever more influenced by film and cinema, his technical craftsmanship and artistic creativity refines his artistry. Marcelo recently graduated from Parsons The New School and specializes in portraiture, fashion and conceptual photography.

With each stunning image, Marcelo gives free rein to his curiosity by experimenting, leaving any project he graces with a touch of ingenuity. Aiming to revive the momentum in the beauty and fashion industry, he blazes the trail of uncharted territory. Marcelo’s imagery will become a staple within the future as he reconstructs scenes with an unprecedented degree of realism and fantasy. Amidst specific aspirations to transition into other creative ventures such as cinema, advertisements and video.





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